Blizzcon, Diablo, 07.11.2016

Necromancer Class and Diablo 1 coming to Diablo 3

There were a lot of rumors regarding Diablo right before BlizzCon. Some of them were true like the leaked Necromancer Class and HD remake of the very first Diablo – with a little twist, though!

Necromancer Class for Diablo 3


The leaks took some of the surprises out of this announcement: the Necromancer Class is coming to Diablo 3 in early 2017. However, it will not be released within a completely new expansion but as a DLC alongside some cosmetic in-game goodies and two additional character slots. Pricing and a release date are not yet set, but the PTR is supposed to be available shortly after BlizzCon.

Necromancer Gameplay

The new Necromancer’s gameplay is heavily inspired from the one we played in Diablo 2. While not all abilities will be ported, we still will be able to play with the most iconic ones like Corpse Explosion.

Necromancer Corpse Explosion, image credit:

Necromancer Corpse Explosion, image credit:

Check out the Necromancer preview on the official Diablo 3 website for more information.

Two new zones coming next year

Besides the new class, two new zones will be added to adventure mode next year:

The desolate, fog-enshrouded Moors have been occupied by armies and empires over time. Beneath them lies the Temple of the Firstborn – a place of evil unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Diablo 1 HD Remake with a twist


An HD remake of the initial Diablo game was something a lot of fans hoped for as this year marks the 20th anniversary of the franchise. And Blizzard delivers with a little twist: we will be able to play main plots of the Diablo 1 story recreated inside Diablo 3 during January – free for everyone owning the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Blizzard added a feature called RetroVision to the games’ engine to recreate the look and feel of the initial game: grainy textures, a retro interface, lot of fog of war and old school character animations. Imagine the iconic Diablo soundtrack and nostalgia goosebumps are guaranteed!

The respective patch will be on the PTR shortly, so be ready for more information soon!