World of Warcraft, 11.08.2017

Netherlight Crucible Guide & FAQ

The Netherlight Crucible is a new way to modify your Artifact Relics – here is a quick guide!

Modify Relics With the Netherlight Crucible

The core concept of the Crucible is quite simple:

  • Before Patch 7.3 you simply sold any shit relic to the vendor
  • Since Patch 7.3 you can pray to RNGsus that he gifts you useful enhancements from the Netherlight Crucible

How to unlock the Netherlight Crucible

First of all you have to unlock the Crucible by:

  • waiting three weeks into the new patch
  • unlock all three zones on Argus by questing
  • your Artifact has to be level 52 to unlock Tier 1
  • Tier 2 and 3 of relic customization is tied to your Artifact’s level;
    • First Relic: Tier 2 at Artifact Level 60, Tier 3 at 69
    • Second Relic: Tier 2 at Artifact Level 63, Tier 3 at 72
    • Third Relic: Tier 2 at Artifact Level 66, Tier 3 at 75

Yes. That means, you will have to farm Artifact Power if you want to modify relics. Good thing though: Artifact Knowledge will raise automatically with Patch 7.3!


Each Relic Gets Three Tiers to Unlock

Once you have unlocked the Netherlight Crucible, you will be able to tune all your relics, that you have currently put in your weapon simply by right clicking the Crucible on the Vindicaar. The interface has a slot for unused relics from your bags as well.

Netherlight Crucible UI

  • The first tier for every relic simply boosts your Artifact’s itemlevel by +5 (so… +15 in total)
  • The second tier on each relic will let you choose between two different options: all randomly rolled from a variety of buffs or effects. Some of them baseline (like +650 haste and Movement Speed) and others proc-based. We will add them here, once the PTR has advanced a bit further.
  • The third tier will give you another set of three options for each of your relic: you will be able to choose new ranks for existing minor traits

Still confused? Well, we did a little video!

Netherlight Crucible Video Guide


Nehterlight Crucible FAQ

Still confused? Well, we started to do a FAQ collection!

Q: Will this work with relics I have looted before 7.3 and does it make sense to keep then in the bags?
A: This system will work with relics obtained before 7.3. And it may be useful to keep at least the ones with good itemlevel for the moment.

Q: How should loot councils deal with this system?
A: If you are responsible for loot distribution in your raid… just run. Run fast and run far.