World of Warcraft, 02.02.2017

New Mythic Keystone World Record: +24 Eye of Azshara In Time

While the top guilds are still trying to defeat Gul’Dan, we can report another notable hardcore PvE achievement.

A group of players from the german guilds The Unnamed and Northwind has set a new World Record for the highest Mythic Keystone dungeon completed in time: +24 Eye of Azshara. The old records until yesterday’s reset were done on +21 in various dungeons and the same group managed to beat a +23 Vault yesterday as well.

The Completed Dungeon

The Setup

  • Relodr, Guardian Druid, The Unnamed
  • Artlu, Holy Paladin, Northwind
  • Irsix, Havoc Demon Hunter, The Unnamed
  • Tyaniqt, Beast Master Hunter, The Unnamed
  • Battletaure, Balance Druid, The Unnamed

The Video

As this current set of affixes is supposed to be the easiest, we might see an even higher Keystone completed this week.