World of Warcraft, 07.12.2016

New PTR Build: More Nighthold Testing, Patch 7.1.5 Release in January?

A lot of things are happening over on the Patch 7.1.5 PTR. Alongside the usual balancing changes, the testing schedule for micro-holidays gives us a hint for patch-date.

Lot’s of Class- and Item-Changes

As with every build, the devs pushed more class changes and reworked items. Just check out mmo-champion for the complete data. The most notable change affects items above item level 825: their stats got increased by roughly 5%.

Micro-Holiday Testing-Schedule: Patch 7.1.5 to be Released in January

Blizzard also started testing the new micro-holidays that will be introduced with Patch 7.1.5. The official schedule reads as follows:

Beginning tomorrow, December 6, we plan to begin testing of the new Micro-Holiday events being added in Patch 7.1.5. One event will be tested each day for the next few weeks, and we’d love to hear your feedback on them.

The testing schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, December 06: Call of the Scarab
Wednesday, December 07: Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl
Thursday, December 08: Love is in the Air
Friday, December 09: Hatching of the Hippogryphs
Saturday, December 10: March of the Tadpoles
Sunday, December 11: Volunteer Guard Day
Monday, December 12: Spring Balloon Festival
Tuesday, December 13: Glowcap Festival
Wednesday, December 14: Un’goro Madness
Thursday, December 15: Call of the Scarab
Friday, December 16: Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl
Saturday, December 17: Love is in the Air
Sunday, December 18: Hatching of the Hippogryphs
Monday, December 19: March of the Tadpoles
Tuesday, December 20: Volunteer Guard Day
Wednesday, December 21: Spring Balloon Festival
Thursday, December 22: Glowcap Festival
Friday, December 23: Un’goro Madness

As these events open, we’ll be starting up new threads to gather feedback on them. Please share any of your thoughts there. Thanks!

Source: WoW forums

So, this schedule runs until December 23 and it is very unlikely that the developers are going to release a patch during the (real world) holidays.

Patch 7.1.5 is in fact bound to the Nighthold

Although Blizzard has declared, that the Nighthold raid is not bound to patch 7.1.5, it is quite obvious, that they both will be released within a very short period of time. Nighthold brings T19 sets with set bonuses and the almost every piece of Loot from the Nighthold got changed on the PTR. Why should they open a raid before the reworked items are even in the game?

On the other hand almost every class faces major changes that will affect their gameplay. Running new content with a changed class rather than the old bosses prevents some frustration when you notice, you can’t pull the same amount of DPS on Guarm than before the patch. Banging your heads against new content distracts you a bit from that and an early 2 piece T19 bonus may even pacify you further.

Blizzard already confirmed, that the Nighthold is planned to be opened mid / end of January and we are expecting that this will happen hand in hand with the release of Patch 7.1.5..

More Raid-Tests Scheduled

And since we are already talking about the Nighthold all the time, let me add this final piece of information:

We’re moving on with Nighthold raid testing, with five raid bosses on the higher levels of Nighthold accessible: Spellblade Aluriel, Krosus, Tichondrius, Star-Augur Etraeus, and High Botalist Tel’arn. We’ll be leaving these bosses up for a couple of days. Please use this thread for feedback or bug reports on any of the encounters. When providing tuning feedback, please note the nature of your raid group (e.g. Mythic guild group, PUG, etc.).

Links to parsed logs are tremendously helpful.

(And yes, the team is aware of concerns with 7.1.5 class changes – the next build should have a new set of responsive changes, and we’re working on communication on other fronts. But while the class team handles that, any feedback for the encounter design team would be much appreciated in pursuit of the goal of a fun and polished raid tier.)

Source: WoW forums