World of Warcraft, 07.02.2017

New World Record: Vault of The Wardens +25 in Time

Given the current Affixes we almost expected this: a new Mythic Keystone World Record has been set!

This time a group of players managed to beat a Vault of Wardens +25 in time. Congratulations and let’s see if this one lasts a bit longer than the one we have reported last Thursday.

The Keystone

  • +25 Vault of the Wardens
  • 534% more HP and Damage Dealt for NPCs
  • Total time needed: 32 minutes, 18 seconds
  • Affixes: Sanguine, Volcanic and Fortified
  • Combat log available here on

The Setup

  • Thorlefulz, Blood DK from Wicked Vigilantes
  • Meowchan, Holy Paladin from Wicked Vigilantes
  • Bevv, Havoc Demon Hunter from Essence
  • Tarkam, Arms Warrior from Wicked Vigilantes
  • Drjay, Fire Mage from set sail for fail (Armory still broken! Blizz pls fix!)