World of Warcraft, 04.01.2017

The Nighthold Item Level And Loot Scaling

The Nighthold brings a lot of new items to the game and raises the item level cap up to 925 (titanforged). Here is a quick guide on the item level scaling amongst the different difficulties.

The Base Item levels

The Nighthold has a total of ten bosses that drop items with and progressively increasing item level as you make your way through the dungeon.

Boss LFR Normal Heroic Mythic
Skorpyron 855 870 885 900
Chronomatic Anomaly 855 870 885 900
Trilliax 855 870 885 900
Spellblade Aluriel 860 875 890 905
Tichondrius 860 875 890 905
Krosus 860 875 890 905
High Botanist Tel’arn 860 875 890 905
Star Augur Etraeus 860 875 890 905
Elisande 860 875 890 905
Gul’dan 865 880 895 910
Titanforged Cap: 925
Legendaries: 940

Upgrade Your Legendaries to Item Level 940

As the base item level rises, your Legendaries will get an upgrade as well:

  • With the release of Patch 7.1.5, every Legendary that drops will have item level 940
  • Your existing Legendaries can be upgraded to 940 with Distilled Titan Essence, an item you can obtain through the quest Touch of a Titan. This quest can be completed by killing bosses in the Nighthold raid.
    It is currently gated behind the Illidan questline in your Order Hall but let’s hope, Blizzard will change that. If you want to be safe, try to complete Soul Prism of the Illidari before January 17th.

T19 Setpieces: Where Do The Tokens Drop?

The Nighthold finally adds the first Tier Set to Legion and this time we even get tokens for six different slots. As there are still only a two and four pieces bonus, you will be able to build your T19 set around your Legendaries.

Token Boss
Helm Elisande
Shoulder Tichondrius
Cape Trilliax
Chest Krosus
Gloves Star Augur Etraeus
Legs Gul’Dan

Increased Item Level For World Quests And Mythic+?

While this is not confirmed yet, it seems very likely that the item levels for Mythic Keystone Dungeon rewards (and the weekly chest) will be raised as well. Maybe even the World Quest rewards will receive some buffs to make a faster catch up for alts possible.