World of Warcraft, 24.01.2017

The Nighthold Mythic Progression

UPDATE: World #5 Gul’Dan by LIMIT! — Can you feel it? Can you hear the air crackle? Is it the arcane magic flowing from the Nightwell? NO! It is pure HYPE because it is time for another Progression Race!

22:00 CEST / February 15th
An here they are, the top 3 Gul’Dan kill videos from Exorsus, Serenity and Method. Congratulations once again everyone, we are closing our coverage at this point but may be back with an top guild interview soon!

07:00 CEST / February 15th
The Top 5 is complete, as LIMIT managed to defeat Gul’Dan (US#1) tonight, right after the reset. Congratulations!

18:30 CEST / February 14th
Sorry to bring you more sad news… but SNF and Midwinter have announced their retirement from hardcore raiding as well.

8:30 CEST / February 14th
Drama again! Someone leaked the From Scratch kill video for Gul’Dan Mythic this night. The original source is down again, but a lot of reposts are spreading across the web. From Scratch already apologized but the damage is done. Even though this is not a fully edited and official release, it is an unwritten law and one of the few pleasures for the world first guild to release their video first. We won’t link it here for the exact same reason and hope Exorsus will get the deserved exposure once they have finished their video.

Besides that, we can expect some more Gul’Dan kills in the near future, as the US guilds get another reset (= more gear) today. And now they even have a strategy on video, they simply have to execute.

23:00 CEST / February 13th
Only a few days after Exorsus shared their thoughts on quitting the hardcore progression race, From Scratch does exactly this: they will go casual at least for The Tomb of Sargeras.

22:00 CEST / February 12th
Well we can’t have a kill video yet, but we can have interviews! Method just released their’s with this tier’s winners Exorsus. Go check it out here.

10:00 CEST / February 12th
After quite some time, Gul’Dan is defeated again: From Scratch claims World #4, once again finishing strong and proving their status among the best guilds in the world. And that means, we are only one Gul’Dan kill away from getting to see those first kill videos!

Besides that, a lot of movement on the 9/10 pack. Currently 9 guilds (AFK R with an armory bug!) are fighting for World #5.

10:50 CEST / February 8th
Last night brought some more action with FatSharkYes and Limit finally defeating Star Augur, moving up to 9/10. This week’s resets will bring a lot of new gear and in combination with the recent Star Augur nerfs, we might see a lot of new kills over the next days.

23:50 CEST / February 6th
Defeating Gul’Dan comes with a prize: Exorsus is considering stepping down from hardcore raiding.

21:50 CEST / February 6th
And just as expected, Method is Gul’done as well: 10/10M for World #3. Congratulations, well played even if it’s not the spot you’ve rooted for!

23:15 CEST / February 5th
Both, Serenity and Exorsus have released their wipecount for the last bosses and the numbers are showing a truly impressive performance by the Russians: 99 pulls less!

19:30 CEST / February 5th
And here is the heavily deserved World Second kill for Serenity. They’ve dominated almost the entire instance, once they had caught up on the US guilds and looked as the clear favourites on the final blow. Well done guys, despite all that drama!

01:30 CEST / February 5th
Some more information and drama on the World First by Exorsus popped up over the past few hours.

Some people on mmoc and /r/wow accused one of their players of exploiting a bug which lets the Darkmoon Trinket Buff stay active indefinetely, even when the trinket is not equipped. Alveona (GM of Exorsus) posted a screenshot from the respective warcraftlogs-page, that proves bespoken player did not use the bug.

After all, Exorsus did need 248 pulls in total, they reached the secret phase only 3 days ago. Their complete setup can be seen on the wowprogress page now as well. Looks like Fury, Assassination and Shadow carried that fight!


On a side note: what’s particularly cool about that roster: 9 out of 14 DPS were Melee! In the past those classes were always supposed to be somewhat unfavourable for hard fights.

23:20 CEST / February 4th
A lot of new Star Augur kills are coming in: a total of 6 guilds is now on 8/10, Serenity, Method and From Scratch are on 9/10.

17:20 CEST / February 4th
My most favourite part of progression: NERDSCREAMS!

15:40 CEST / February 4th
And here are the first screenshots:

14:20 CEST / February 4th
Exorsus with the World First on Gul’Dan! Congratulations!

As Serenity had some attendance issues due to real life commitments, Exorsus became the clear favourite over the past two days. After their already impressive performance on Xavius it is the second World First this expansion for the russian top guild.

The first details on their setup is already up on wowprogress. Just like on Elisande, they have once again played with three Shadows and two Assassination Rogues to meet the DPS requirements of the fight.


22:15 CEST / February 3rd
Grand Magistrix Elisande got defeated once again: From Scratch moves on to 9/10, World #4. This means we will get to see the killvideos soon!

No news from the fight on the final bad guy Gul’Dan however. Serenity seems to struggle to get a good roster during daytime and they had to cut hours. Their advantage over Exorsus and even Method should be gone by now so it is really everybody’s race right now.

09:15 CEST / February 3rd
Something has happened! LIMIT finally defeated Star Augur Etraeus for World #5. This fight seems to be one of the best tuned fights in the history of the game: even with the loot of now three heroic resets, it has to be executed perfectly to be defeated.

In the meantime, we are all waiting for the big bad guy to die. Serenity was not able to keep up their full day schedule yesterday, so Method should have caught up by now.

00:15 CEST / February 2nd
We are just past midnight in Europe and all three top guilds now have had some good chunk of time back on Gul’Dan. Of course, Serenity and Exorsus are the favourites on the final kill, but we do not know how far they already progressed. If they did not make it to the final phase so far, Method might have the chance for a bit comeback.

16:15 CEST / February 1st
All three top contenders seem to follow the same strategy today: they have recleared up to 7/10M (High Botanist Tel’Arn) and are now doing heroic split raids (at least the armories show some indications on that). This means that none of them progressed Gul’Dan far enough to get in range of a kill, right? Which is cool because hype intensifies, right?

11:15 CEST / February 1st
The European top contenders are chewing through their rekills pretty fast: Method on 2/10M, Serenity on 4/10M and Exorsus already on 7/10M recleared!

It will be interesting to see if one of them switches to heroic splits afterward or if they are confident enough to kill Gul’Dan already.

8:00 CEST / February 1st
Ladies and Gentlemen, Gul’Dan survived the night and made it to the weekly reset on EU servers as well! This means the next hours will be spent with doing at least one mythic reclear and maybe even heroic split raids if the guilds need more gear for the final fight. We will see!

23:50 CEST / January 31st
Method with the last minute kill on Grand Magistrix Elisande, 2 hours before the server maintenance starts! While they are rather far behind Serenity and Exorsus, the time needed for progressing Elisande is almost identical for all three guilds:

  • Serenity: 2 days, 4 hours and 10 minutes
  • Exorsus: 2 days, 3 hours and 38 minutes
  • Method: 2 days, 5 hours and 7 minutes


20:00 CEST / January 31st
Gul’Dan reached his first mini-goal, surviving a full reset… on NA servers at least. Europe however has still a good amount of hours to go and Serenity and Exorsus surely will use that time effectively and maybe even kill him? Who knows?

In the meantime Method and From Scratch are the only guilds on 8/10 so far and if they still want to get a shot on Gul’Dan mythic, they better hurry and finally defeat Grand Magistrix Elisande.

20:25 CEST / January 30th
From Scratch breaks the barrier and defeats Star Augur, moving on to 8/10! Congratulations!

16:45 CEST / January 30th
Exorsus moves on, defeating Grand Magistrix Elisande for World #2! A lot of pressure now on Method, as they are still on 8/10.

01:30 CEST / January 30th
WORLD FIRST ELISANDE by Serenity! Congratulations! And all the sudden it seems possible that the race will be completed within the first reset as Europe still has two full days left. Serenity is definately in a big lead now as Gul’Dan is supposed to have a secret, Mythic only phase that has to be learned and progressed.

22:30 CEST / January 29th
If you follow the progression race on social media as well, you might have expected it already: Fusion exploited some Monk class mechanics to kill Star Augur and got banned now for 8 days. Wowprogress already delisted the kill again, so there are only 3 guilds on 8/10 (Serenity, Exorsus, Method) left, followed by 22 guilds on 7/10.

Fusion shared their kill, the exploit happens when phase 3 starts:

19:30 CEST / January 29th
Our quiet and cozy Sunday evening gets disrupted by a big bang: russian guild Fusion grabs World #3 on Star Augur just minutes before Method! Four guilds on 8/10 now, and 20 more on 7/10.

14:00 CEST / January 28th
Exorsus moves on, defeating Star Augur for World #2!

12:00 CEST / January 28th
Another day of progression starts in Europe and The Nighthold has delivered so far: tons of drama and a real close race. Serenity is still in the lead with 8/10M, followed by already 14 guilds on 7/10. It looks like Serenity’s massive amount of split raids payed off as they were able to stack Shadow Priests and Rogues for Star Augur yesterday. Will other guilds manage to bring similar setups to the fight? We will find out soon!

23:43 CEST / January 27th
More additions to the 7/10 club as set sail for fail and Danish Terrace managed to kill Botanist. Sadly set sail’s armory is broken for several weeks now, so they won’t pop up on wowprogress. The kill got confirmed by one of their players though.

23:20 CEST / January 27th
First – rather surprising – details on Serenity’s setup for the Star Augur kill are now available on wowprogress. Seems like the fight was played with three tanks, three Rogues and four Shadow Priests.


22:00 CEST / January 27th
Serenity did it: World First on Star Augur Etraeus, moving on to 8/10M! We can’t wait to see their full setup. Rumor has it they even tried it with two healers at least for some pulls during their progression.

Well played and good to see that all of yesterday’s drama seems to not affect them at all.

18:20 CEST / January 27th
AFK R looks really strong! World #8 on Botanist and now on 7/10 like the seven other top guilds. Good to see an Asian competitor having a chance on a world first because of proper tuning.

11:20 CEST / January 27th
Star Augur is still alive and looks like a real challenge – and we do not have any major bug reports so far. Just seems to be tuned very well!

  • 7 guilds are at 7/10 right now: Serenity, Limit, Exorsus, Method, From Scratch, Pieces and Entropy
  • They are followed by Midwinter and asian to guild Midwinter and asian to guild AFK R on 6/10
  • After them it looks like everybody’s race again: 10 more guilds on 5/10, 14 more on 4/10.

01:10 CEST / January 27th
Pieces hops one up, 6/10 now and AFK R is the first asian competitor on 5/10 and therefore World #11 now.

In the meantime, we did an interview with the guy who blocked Serenity from raiding today.

23:10 CEST / January 26th
From Scratch joins the top group on 7/10 with a World #5 on High Botanist Tel’arn. They are now working on Star Augur Etraeus which seems to be the first real blocker in this raid. Good!

19:45 CEST / January 26th
A TON of drama happened today: as it turns out, probably someome with the Method guild-tag blocked Serenity from raiding large parts of the day. While he obviously did not act officially for Method a doubt remains: it looks like be that an officer of Method already knew for more than two hours why Serenity was not able to enter the raid and did not say anything.

We will reconstruct this drama a little bit once the dust settled. Now back to actual sports: Still four guild with 7/10M on the top (Serenity, LIMIT, Exorsus and Method), followed by From Scratch on 6/10 and four more guilds with 5/10 (Midwinter, Entropy, Honestly and Danish Terrace).

15:42 CEST / January 26th
Meanwhile everything runs smooth today for Method: Botanist World #4, moving on to 7/10 now paired with Serenity, Limit and Exorsus in the race for the top spot.

15:25 CEST / January 26th
Some news from Serenity, but rather weird and sad ones. Someone managed to get their Raid-ID, went into The Nighthold and held their ID hostage, so that Serenity was not able to enter themselves. This could happen if a Serenity-Raider invited a random player for a Mythic Keystone run for example and that stranger jumpes right into the raid instance. The blocked ID prevented Serenity from raiding the complete morning.

It is investigated right now and let’s hope, Serenity is able to raid again soon.

13:25 CEST / January 26th
After not being able to raid properly yesterday because of latency issus, Method started their catch up: Tichondrius down as World #5, 6/10M.

Sadly technical issues are hurting race today as well: Serenity is not able to enter their instance, let’s hope it gets fixed soon.

10:00 CEST / January 26th
Tichondrius for breakfast! From Scratch manages to move on to 6/10, World #4. According to Twitter, Serenity will start raiding soon as well.

08:25 CEST / January 26th
Good Morning Europe! Things have slowed down a bit and the instance’s tuning seems to be good:

  • currently we do have three guilds on 7/10, namely Serenity, Limit and Exorsus
  • they are followed by a pack of three more guilds on 5/10: From Scratch, Method and Midwinter
  • four more guilds did manage to get 4/10, namely Pieces, SNF, Alacrity, Strawberry Puppy Kisses 

In the meanwhile, Asia got access to The Nighthold as well. Just as EU and NA the first three bosses were not much of a deal and quickly killed by numerous guilds. Currently in lead are AFK R.

21:20 CEST / January 25th
Serenity World First High Botanist Tel’arn 7/10M! Congratulations!

21:00 CEST / January 25th
Exorsus did it! World #3 on Tichondrius! Moving on to 6/10M.

18:00 CEST / January 25th
Serenity grabs the World #2 on Tichondrius! Moving on to 6/10M and joining LIMIT on the top of the pack.

Following closely behind Exorsus, From Scratch and Method are on 5/10M.

16:00 CEST / January 25th
Serenity grabs the World #3 on Krosus, moving on to 5/10M. In the meantime, Exorsus has finally decided it’s time for heroic splits.

15:00 CEST / January 25th
From Scratch and Method AND Serenity: 4/10.

14:00 CEST / January 25th
Speaking of Exorsus and Account Sharing: their Guildmaster Alveona discussed this problem alongside other things in an extensive post on reddit, confirming this is actual a comonly used thing upon top guilds:

2) “Accout sharing” – once again, if some guild needs 4 (insert class here) and their main roster has only 3 of this character or some guy has an alt / inactive guild players with better legendaries – they will just transfer him to new account with the same name and surname, and use him for progression for another player. If it’s an inactive player account, they will just “rent” it for the progression. It’s a common approach and every top guild uses it when they need it. (And yes, top guilds been using it even on last 2 contents with a bunch of examples)

13:50 CEST / January 25th
Exorsus again, World 2nd on Krosus, moving on to 5/10, only one more kill before they join LIMIT on the very top. Still no heroic splits.

13:20 CEST / January 25th: Serenity with obvious Account Sharing

Account Sharing: Acurielle, Mandrai and Sokila

Serenity is on 3/10M as fast as expected. The sad thing is, that they do use Account Sharing in a very obvious way – even for mythic progression.

As far as we know and got confirmed by sources, the characters Acurielle, Mandrai and Sokila do belong to the same person or at least did in the past. All three participated in the Skorpyron Mythic kill, proven by the armory. this was pointed out already after Serenity released their Xavius video, where Acurielle and Mandrai did play in the same raid as well.

Sokila could be played by Zaelia who recently became a Heroes of the Storm professional with Dignitas and did not have the time to prepare a character for progression anymore.

Account Sharing is widely used amongst the top guilds and done for various reasons. Legion’s systems with Legendaries and Artifact Power only made it more efficient as you can bring the characters with best possible items in for progression. We do understand why it is so tempting to use sharing. However, it violates Blizzard’s EULA and clearly does not help building a fair and transparent competition.

12:30 CEST / January 25th
Exorsus pulls ahead, defeating Spellblade Aluriel for a World #3 moving on to 4/10. They did not have done any heroic splits so far.

In the meantime, Serenity started raiding mythic as well, we do expect them on 3/10 soon as well.

10:45 CEST / January 25th: Serenity losing Healer to Method, right before the race starts.
There are some rumors regarding EU top guild Serenity flowing around the webs. Their wowprogress profile reports the leaving of some highly equipped characters this morning. As far as we know they belong to one player (Tereszia) and while there for sure is a lot of gear lost, this player took not part in any of the critical first kills in the guild’s history.

But: this character just joined Method!


Let’s hope this does not affect Serenity’s progress. We do not know what happened behind the scenes but such transfers do not help creating a fair competition, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Sidestep joined the 3/10 pack.

10:20 CEST / January 25th
Some more updates on the European race: Exorsus, From Scratch, Pieces, Openness and Method are all on 3/10M now. According to the armory, Serenity is chewing through some heroic splits right now.

9:15 CEST / January 25th
Here comes Europe! Exorsus and From Scratch rushing past first three fights in only 30 Minutes! 3/10M for them, let’s see if they do now switch to heroic splits as the US guilds did.

Method has started raiding as well, currently on 1/10M.

8:20 CEST / January 25th
As the raid nights end for the US and EU is still drinking their first cup of coffee it seems to be a good point to look at some numbers.

  • We do have a total of 97 kills on Skorpyron Mythic, the instance’s first encounter
  • Most guilds had an average item level of 894 when defeating the scorpion
  • Hunters are doing fine. (logs)
  • The second boss, Chronomatic Anomaly was only defeated 19 times so far

7:35 CEST / January 25th
Some more action before the US goes to sleep: LIMIT manages to defeat Tichondrius, moving on to 6/10M. Midwinter snacks Spellblade Aluriel for US #2 and 4/10 overall. They are followed by a larger crowd of 12 guilds with 3/10.

23:15 CEST / January 24th
LIMIT are finally done with their heroic split raids and are on 2/3M now. We do expect the US top guild to catch up rather quickly and maybe even pull ahead, as no guild managed to kill a fourth boss yet.

Alacrity is on 1/3M as well.

17:40 CEST / January 24th
Midwinter and Easy have caught up on SNF – three on 3/10.

They now can choose out of 5 different bosses, so maybe we see three World Firsts from three different guilds?

17:00 CEST / January 24th
SNF is looking strong! World First Trilliax – 3/10!

16:50 CEST / January 24th
That was fast! Skorpyron and Chronomatic Anomaly already defeated by SNF and Easy!

16:00 CEST / January 24th
Let’s have a look at The Nighthold itself and what the top guilds will encounter on Mythic Difficulty:

  • A total of 10 bosses
  • The first three are in fixed order, namely Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly and Trilliax
  • The final two are fixed as well: Grand Magistrix Elisande is the last gatekeeper before the final showdown against Gul’Dan himself
  • Krosus could become a tight DPS check if tuned properly
  • High Botanist Tel’Arn has the potential to become quite a mess of a fight with a lot of micromanagement and individual player skill required

Let’s hope for no bugs and tightly tuned fights!

11:55 CEST / January 24th
Can you feel it? Can you hear the air crackle? Is it the arcane magic flowing from the Nightwell? NO! It is pure HYPE because it is time for another Progression Race! A long and exhausting path led us from the launch of Legion through The Emerald Nightmare, the Trial of Valor and countless Maw of Soul grinds to this day: the opening of The Nighthold Mythic and the first real pinnacle of progression raiding within World of Warcraft’s latest expansion.

NA Servers should be up in around 5 hours and we do expect first blood very soon, as Skorpyron should not be a big deal on Mythic either. However, the top contenders most likely will do some heroic splits first to complete the Tier Sets for their raiders first.