World of Warcraft, 21.02.2017

The Nighthold Raidfinder Wing 3 and Calamir World Boss

This week brings some more of The Nighthold to the LFR: nine out of ten bosses are now available. And the World Boss rotation spawned Calamir once again.

The Nighthold LFR

The third wing for LFR difficulty lets you fight against Krosus, Tichondrius and Grand Magistrix Elisande. The final part with Gul’Dan himself will be released in two weeks.

World Boss Calamir

s5gd8o1q3wx71475011542950This week the World Boss rotation worked as intended and brought up Calamir! The fight as usual is quite simple: dont not stand in things and DPS. Loot. The big elemental can be found in the south of Aszuna, he drops: