Overwatch, 20.05.2016

Overwatch global launch schedule

We now finally know, when we will be able to play Overwatch. Blizzard just released the global launch schedule with precise times for every timestone.

Few weeks ago, Blizzard mentioned during the earnings-call, that Overwatch will be their biggest release so far. Unlike during the open beta, there won’t be such thing like an early access this time. All players on PC, Playstation and Xbox will be able to start playing at the same time.

The date is set to May, 24th and finally here are the exact times for your region:



Furthermore, Blizzard has created a helpful launch-guide covering most FAQs around their newest game. Go check it out here: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20119623

So let us hope, servers will be prepared, your watch is about to begin very soon, hero!