Blizzard at gamescom 2017

It’s time again for world’s largest gaming expo: gamescom is happening August 22 – 26 in Cologne, Germany. Let’s have a look at Blizzard’s plans!

Patch 7.3 Q&A With Ion Hazzikostas

Here is our summary of all the important things Game Director Ion Hazzikostas had to share today.

Mythic Dungeon Invitational: Proving Grounds Are Here

The first stage of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational has started! Gather your mates and submit your best keystone runs until August 8 to get an invitation for the regional playoffs.

World of Warcraft, 29.08.2016

Happy Launchday! Now Get Prepared!

The time has finally come: after years of World of Garrison and weeks of pre-patch event, World of Warcraft: Legion has finally launched. Here is a quick guide, what you should do over the next few weeks to get prepared for Raids and Mythic+ Dungeons.

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