Patch 7.3: Content Gating Overview

We are finally able to travel to Argus but a lot of content is gated. Here is a quick overview of what you should and could do on patch day to unlock new content as soon as it is available.

Patch 7.3 The Shadows of Argus is now live

World of Warcraft’s latest content patch is now live and takes players to Argus to finally erase the Legion. Here is what raiders need to know!

Gamescom Interviews Round-up

Several fansites and influencers had the chance to interview Game Director Ion Hazzikostas at gamescom. Here is a summary of the highlights.

Warcraft Movie, 17.05.2016

Details on the Warcraft movie promotion

Blizzard just revealed some details on the promotions around the upcoming Warcraft movie. We already knew, that basically everyone will receive some nice and fancy transmogs just by logging in. But when watching the movie in one of the participating theaters, visitors will get a free version of World of Warcraft.

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