World of Warcraft, 15.10.2016

Patch 7.1 Releases On October 25th – Legion Q&A

Ion Hazzikostas started his first appearance as Game Director for World of Warcraft on todays Q&A stream with a big announcement: Patch 7.1 will already be released on October 25th (in NA).

Here are the highlights from the Legion Q&A. You can watch the complete session here or read through our summary below:

Patch 7.1 and Karazhan

  • Patch will be released October 25th
  • The Raid Trial of Valor will open after BlizzCon
  • Karazhan unlock should be account-wide

Class Balance and Design

  • The team is happy with the effect of the balance patch but feels like there’s a lot more work left to do
  • It is very likely that there will be more tuning changes, it is an ongoing process.
  • The game has driven to far away towards “bring the player not the class”. Groupleaders should always try to get every class into their group but still shouldn’t be punished if they stack a certain class because of player-skill.
  • Shadow Priest and Surrender to Madness will be reworked soon after Patch 7.1. The goal is to give viable alternatives in the specific talent tier
  • Frost-Mages are a lot better than most people would think of right now. That’s because most of the top mages play fire and have invested a lot of AP in fire. They are min maxing etc. and are setting the trend for the majority of players, as a lot of players are playing the “”best”” specc instead of what the probably would like more. If Frost would get buffed, players would be upset but play frost anyway and it suddenly would become the “new fire”.
  • Barrage is not perfect but fine for the moment. The Devs are instead are trying to buff the other talents in that tier
  • Ion admits they should have had listened more better on Fury Warrior Feedback during the beta. Changes will be made!


  • The system being totally random based is good as it produces moments of true joy, excitement. That would not be the case if they could be obtainable after a long grind.
  • Watcher does not have a legendary himself
  • Legendaries should become a toolset to individualize your character. You will be changing them regarding the situation. The Devs are happy with the fact that not every orange item is a flat damage boost but adds variety to the gameplay.
  • Obtaining a Legendary is simply based on a random distribution. There is no component like time that counts into a bad luck protection system. Just play the game and you will get one sooner or later.

Tuning of Mythic Emerald Nightmare

  • Xavius was tuned to easy, the rest was okay. They hoped for a two day boss with 80 to 100 pulls. Besides that, it should alsways have been an easier boss as it is the first raid.
  • It would be a failure to tune a raid for a group of people who can put as much effort into the game as the top guilds did.

Secondary Stats

  • The Devs regret the power of secondary stats, as they turned out in Legion. At no point in history of the game, primary stats were as less important as they are right now
  • Changes are not easy as they could change gearing choices a lot
  • Base intent should always be: a higher itemlevel item should be an upgrade without a lot of thinking

Costs of Consumables

  • The Devs expect prizes to drop once the Blood of Sargeras trader hits the live servers with Patch 7.1
  • But prizes may not drop on a WoD level, as gathering professions should be useful and rewarding – which they are right now.
  • Watcher suggests to adjust our own expectations and requirements towards consumables. He questions if you need a rune, food and pre-pot for a fight you are currently progressing at a very early stage.


  • Not every class needs to have the same amount of AoE potential, it is good to have weaknesses and strengths within the different classes.
  • Players need to build their groups more carefully, when it comes to higher Keystone difficulty. A Shadow Priest was part of the very first successful +15 clear and did well, because AoE is a less important requirement. Fortified for example makes it impossible to bomb something quickly.
  • A punishment system for quitting a Mythic+ run would bring up lots of more problems. The Devs are closely looking at this problem but do not have a working approach yet.
  • Mythic+ dungeon loot will be upgraded once Nighthold releases. No changes for 7.1 as Trial of Valor only is 5 ilvl higher.

World Quests

  • There are items for your offspec on your World Quest Maps to allow you to gear up that offspec steadily without needing to change your loot specialization – wich could result in a Legendary or high titanforged item.
  • The team works on bringing a better variety and distribution of World Quests (nuts?!)


  • Action Camera is coming back with Patch 7.1
  • The Devs are happy how Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge plays out currently. No plans to change that.
  • Failed Bonus Rolls giving gold is hard coded into the system and can’t be changed easily. System will be changed to better rewards (AP!) when not rolling an item in the future