World of Warcraft, 24.03.2017

Patch 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras Preview for Raiders

The next big chapter of Legion will start with next week’s reset: Patch 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras will be released on March 28 (29 for EU). Here’s what the patch changes for raiding people.

The Tomb of Sargeras Trailer

Blizzard has produced a dope trailer for the story setting in Patch 7.2 and before we dive into the changes, you should watch this:

New Raid-Instance… not yet!

There’s a bit of confusion around the scene, as the next raid instance is called The Tomb of Sargeras and Patch 7.2 get’s its name from that. But the new raid will not open next week! It will most likely be released with Patch 7.2.5 alongside some class balancing changes. There is no confirmed date yet but we would put our money on early June.

New World Bosses

Three new World Bosses will be introduced with 7.2 – and a very familiar one among them:

All three will drop base item level 890 and can be located on the new areas of the Broken Shore. However, it is unclear if they will appear on a custom rotation or within the existing World Bosses.

Changes to Legendaries and Artifacts

Legion’s most controversial systems will be overhauled with Patch 7.2:

  • All Legendary items will now have throughput effects or a third secondary stat to even out the gap between BiS and shit ones.
  • the bad luck protection will now work spec independent. Imagine you are a Mage.. if you do have 4 Legendaries for Frost and 1 for multiple specs (Sephuz!), the system will start counting from 1 once you switch to Fire or Arcane.
  • You will be able to unlock new traits for your Artifact weapon: five new ones, including a golden one and a final, paragon-style one. Check out all the changes coming to artifact weapons with Patch 7.2
  • Artifact Knowledge can now go up to level 50, just place the work orders!

Class Order Hall Campaign

The storylines of your Class Order Hall will continue with Patch 7.2. During the campaign, you will unlock two new tiers you can research. The final trait is Legionfall United and gives you a chance on doubled Artifact Power from World Quests.

Oh, and it will cost 15.000 Ressources, so you better start farming and saving some of them!

Class Changes

Class balance was not a major focus for this Patch but there are still few ones here and there. Check out wowhead’s guide for all the details: Class Changes Patch 7.2.

Changes to Mods and Add-ons

Blizzard is once again taking action against addons and mods that trivialize certain mechanics. With Patch 7.2 add-ons won’t be able to modify the nameplates of friendly players anymore. You remember that Star Augur killvideos like the one below? Mods marked players affected with a debuff they had to handle properly to survive – those marks will now be gone. Sadface.

Broken Shore and Deliverance Point

Last but not least, Patch 7.2 will bring a new quest hub as we return to the Broken Shore, including lots of World Quests, a new Faction (Armies of the Legionfall) and two new currencies (Legionfall War Supplies and Nethershards). You definitely do want to participate in that campaign during which you can build three different buildings in your new base at the Broken Shore. Each building will give you an unique bonus, including a chance on bonus Artifact Power.

Constructing each building requires a steady influx of Legionfall War Supplies. Once constructed, the building is available for 3 days, during which players can reap the benefits the building provides. The building will come under attack on the last of those days, after which it is destroyed and must be rebuilt. You’ll then need to wait a cooldown period of one day before you can contribute again to rebuild.

What else?

To check out all the details on the new Broken Shore and Patch 7.2 content, we recommend to check out Blizzard’s official preview of Patch 7.2. There’s a lot more to see, like:

  • A new dungeon called Cathedral of Eternal Night
  • A Mythic+ version of lower and upper Karazhan
  • Legion Invasions across all of the Broken Isles
  • Flying! On the Broken Isles!
  • Class Mounts!