Raider's Tavern, 29.08.2017

Patch 7.3: Content Gating Overview

We are finally able to travel to Argus but a lot of content is gated. Here is a quick overview of what you should and could do on patch day to unlock new content as soon as it is available.

What to do on Patch Day

  • You should receive a new quest (The Hand of Fate) as soon as you log in on patch day that will lead you to Argus
  • Quest through everything on Argus to
    • unlock the first two zones (Antoran Wastes and Korkuun)
    • unlock new World Quests on Argus
    • unlock new Professions stuff, including +200 legendary gems
    • be prepared for future stages in week 2 (Invasion Points with new World Bosses) and week 3 (new Dungeon, Netherlight Crucible)
  • Pick up the new quests in your order hall to gain access to new Follower Missions
  • Farm Veiled Argunite you can spend on 910 item level Relinquished Gear
  • Start farming Artifact Power again to unlock higher tiers for the Netherlight Crucible (see below)
  • Unlock all the Lightforged Beacons – the new portal-system which we will use to travel around Argus. They are discovered just like Flightmasters.

Week 2: Unlock the Invasion Points

Once you have completed the storylines for week 1 and week 2 you will be granted access to Invasion Points, including the new World Bosses with 930 item level loot

Week 3: Unlock the Netherlight Crucible and the New Dungeon

Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon

To gain access to the Netherlight Crucible and the new dungeon Seat of the Triumvirate on all difficulties, you will have to complete the storyline for the first two weeks and a small quest on week three.

New Raid? New Leggos?

  • Legion’s next raid (Antorus, the burning Throne) will be released with Patch 7.3.5, most likely in November.
  • A new Legendary will be available once the raid unlocks
  • Item level caps will be raised once the new raid unlocks

Pets, Mounts and more

As usual, we only cover topics on raids and Mythic Keystone dungeons. If you are interested in Pets, Mounts and Transmog go somewhere else 😉