World of Warcraft, 03.07.2017

Patch 7.3 PTR: Argus!

Only a few days after a wild Argus appeared on the skies over Azeroth, Blizzard has opened the PTR for Patch 7.3.

Patch Highlights: a New Raid!

Patch 7.3 is supposed to be a heavy content patch for Legion, here is only the tip of the iceberg:

Official Introductory Bluepost

Go check out Blizzard’s official bluepost for more details on this first PTR build for 7.3:

Welcome to the Patch 7.3 Public Test Realm! After the events on the Broken Shore and inside the Tomb of Sargeras raid (no spoilers!), it’s time to take the fight directly to the Legion’s home world of Argus. We’re really excited about this update, and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback as we head into public testing. […]

Source: bluepost