World of Warcraft, 03.08.2017

Patch 7.3 Q&A With Ion Hazzikostas

Here is our summary of all the important things Game Director Ion Hazzikostas had to share today.

As usual we have skipped some fewer important topics like transmog and artifact skin things. Just watch the complete VoD if you are interested in the full details!

Watch the complete Q&A VOD

Patch 7.3 Schedule

  • Content will be divided in several chapters and all the content (besides the raid) is paced over a duration of three weeks.

Catch up mechanisms

  • Several things will be unlocked account wide on Argus:
    • World Quests
    • Zones and Dungeons
    • the Netherlight Crucible
  • Time gating for 3rd relic will be removed with Patch 7.3
  • Your artifact will instantly be boosted towards the concordance state, once you hit 110 in Patch 7.3
  • Artifact Knowledge will be an automatic system, no need for research anymore
  • There will be order hall missions that will allow you to quickly boost your follower’s item level
  • Legion Invasions on the Broken Isles will still be available

Netherlight Crucible

  • The new Netherlight Crucible system will bring players some control over RNG factors. You do now have a chance to get a trait that you wanted or simply could not loot in 7.2
  • Netherlight Crucible modifications will not work in PvP (excluding open world PvP)

The State of Mythic+

  • The team is very satisfied with the current state of mythic keystone dungeons and the way the changes in 7.2 turned out
  • Mythic+ activity is up all across the board and a lot of players are pushing keys a lot higher than the mandatory weekly +15
  • No plans for raid tier set drops in Mythic Keystone dungeons. To be fair: some of the BiS items are only obtainable in mythic + and not in raids


Tomb of Sargeras tuning

  • The team aims for a 1,5 to 2 week hardcore progression race. Nighthold was close to perfect in that terms
  • The first goal is to design content for every raider
  • Final encounters are tuned with the world first race in mind, but it is a hard target to hit. They should be hard enough to allow top guild to distinguish from each other
  • The internal testing team spent hundreds of hours on Kil’Jaeden Mythic putting the fight together bit by bit. Apparently they’ve gotten better over time and the final buff of all abilities, the team usually applies was too hard in first place
  • During WoD fights, the internal testing team managed to beat were buffed by 35% for final tuning
  • But: it is better to nerf an overtuned Kil’Jaeden instead of having another Xavius desaster
  • Ion Hazzikostas has read Exorsus’ reddit post on hardcore raiding and agree’s there are a lot of valid points mentioned

Tomb of Soakeras

  • The various encounter design teams realized to late, that they all are working with soaking mechanics. Will not happen again on Argus
  • The team tried to increase healing requirements across the board this tier but maybe went a little bit too far in the end

Split Raids

  • Neither the players nor the devs do like the current situation of having 7 split raids done by top guilds, however…
  • the cure would be much worse than the disease. This only affects a tiny percentage of the playerbase and Blizzard does not want to punish everyone because of the actions of a few

Raid Finder Difficulty

  • The team agrees that some of the LFR fights are a bit too easy
  • but it is meant to be for people, that do not have experience with an organized raiding group


  • Reusable Augment Rune! Just hit exalted with the new faction on Argus Army of the Light
  • No need to bank Nethershards, there will be a new currency on Argus
  • The relinquished Vendor will move on to Argus, selling 910 item tokens