World of Warcraft, 27.04.2017

Raid-Finder Tomb of Sargeras Available This Weekend on PTR

Blizzard continues to push Patch 7.2.5 development towards the finish line: the first Wing for Tomb of Sargeras will be raidable the whole weekend.

The first wing The Gates of Hell is home to the first three bosses: Mistress Sassz’ineGoroth and Harjatan. The whole raid will be divided into four wings with 9 bosses in total.

Later this week, we’ll be opening up the first wing of Tomb of Sargeras on Raid Finder difficulty for testing. We currently plan to switch it on at around 4 PM Pacific time on Friday (1 AM CEST on Saturday), and it’ll remain open throughout the weekend. We’ll open a thread for feedback once it’s available.

Source: bluepost