Raider's Tavern, 13.08.2018

Raider’s Tavern Is Looking For Help

To continue and improve our coverage on World of Warcraft’s endgame content, we are looking for help.

This website started and has always been a side-project of a single person since May 2016. Although my passion for the game and Raider’s Tavern have only been grown since then, my real-life circumstances make it hard to keep up the pace and deliver good and meaningful content.

For that reason I am looking for people to join me, form a team and build the future of Raider’s Tavern together.  I do not have to offer any money or any other incentives at this point but gladly would share if possible. 

You should obviously play World of Warcraft actively and share my enthusiasm for endgame PvE content. Besides that, there are no real qualifications you have to bring. We will figure out the rest together. 

Here are some of the fields you possibly could work on:

  • writing guides, news and event-coverage
  • Managing social media
  • building and moderating a Discord community
  • create video content
  • live-stream
  • develop and maintain the website 

Besides that, I am open for great ideas to further build Raider’s Tavern. Just send me an email if you want to talk!