Warcraft Movie, 25.05.2016

Reviews of the Warcraft movie – a collection

As more and more people getting to see Warcraft: The Beginning, the reviews are coming in. Here is an incomplete but growing collection.

The Warcraft movie has come a long way from it’s first announcement until the final release these days. A 10 year long journey and passion of gamers about Warcraft in general have raised the expectations quite high. The first reviews so far are pretty mixed. Press seems to be quite negative, actual players however like it. No surprise there, Star Wars got bad press critics as well. Guess we just have to see it ourselves!


  • The Hollywood Reporter
    “… Yet there’s no question that it’s a breakthrough in both storytelling and artistry for features based on video games.”
    “And then there’s Durotan’s eyes, and Garona’s grit. Dramatically and technically, Warcraft gives the concept of “hybrid” new punch.”
  • Variety
    “It’s a take-it-or-leave-it approach likely to have most audience members opting for the latter, though devotees of the immersive role-playing source material may have an entirely different experience. If so, Universal will have to hope they storm the box office early and often. Otherwise the studio could be looking at one of the biggest duds of the summer.”
    “Jones can’t find a way to get this cartoony spectacle to soar. His heartfelt approach to the material only underlines the silliness.”
  • Metacritic
  • The Telegraph
    The Warcraft movie is naff fantasy in shiny, technicolour armour – 2/5 Stars
  • Kotaku
    “I had hoped Warcraft would at a minimum be entertaining, but really, I’ve had more enjoyable two-hour sessions wiping on Molten Core. At least the armor looks good.”
  • The Wrap
    “Warcraft promises, or threatens, sequels, but then so did “Super Mario Bros.” And come to think of it, if forced to watch either of these video-game movies a second time, I’d probably vote for the plumbers.”
  • Gamestar (German)
    “Warcraft: The Beginning is the most expensive fan film ever produced […]”
  • Players on Reddit (mostly liked it, but criticize the fast pace often)



The majority of posts on Twitter are somehow the complete opposite of the press reviews. People enjoyed the movie overall.


You can find some images from the pre premiere yesterday on flickr.

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