World of Warcraft, 10.06.2016

Roundup of #LegionSummit News: Legendaries Not Disabled For Raids

A lot of press and content creators were invited by Blizzard earlier this and got the chance to do some interviews with the Developers. We have gathered all major points and details.

While there were no big news around Legion itself, Blizzard teased an animated series called Harbringers. This features the story behind Illidan Stormrage and looked really cool, very much like the Lords of War they did for Warlords of Draenor. No release date of course, but we are supposed to see it before the actual expansion launches.

Regarding the game itself, there were a lot of small details and clarification on the interviews by different fansites and streamers. We have tried to gather them here:


  • Once again, the Devs promised to try to release more patches with actual content for Legion. They are not happy how Warlords turned out and are planning to do more smaller patches but at higher frequency.
  • Loot specialization will control what legendary items can drop. Legendaries can be looted from dungeon bosses, world bosses and from the crate you earn when completing four world quests.
  • The Developers have made a lot of progress when it comes to server queues and instanced / phased areas. The experience on Legion-Launch should be one of the smoothest ever – the promised!

World Quests

  • World Quests will reward items on at least item level 805+ – determined on actual item level. Currently the rewards a bit to strong compared to dungeons.
  • World Quests will remain relevant even for progress raiders, that burned through the content and expansion launch
  • Those quests are one of the biggest source for Artifact Power, the Devs expect everyone to do them
  • World Quests also provide Order Ressources you will need for Class Hall progression


  • Artifact Knowledge should help you to keep up with a second specc, but holding them equal will be very very challenging
  • Not all Artifact skins are yet finished. There will probably more on future patches

Raids & Dungeons

  • There are three raid-tiers coming with Legion. One with the release, the second one with patch 7.2 and the last one at the end of the expansion.
  • Emerald Nightmare release dates will be announced shortly before Legion launch. But the team was happy with the Highmaul schedule, so it should be fairly similar
  • The time between Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold (T19!) will be a lot bigger than it was in WoD between Highmaul and BRF.
  • Legendary items will be NOT disabled in any of the raids or dungeons. (Changed!)
  • Base level mythics will be available with launch, the keystones will become available alongside the raids
  • Mythic+ Dungeons will be a serious challenge even for hardcore progress raiders at a certain level
  • A new important dungeon will be released with 7.1
  • There will be no testing of Gul’Dan on any difficulty


  • Professions will be normalized
  • The fishing artifact is already finished and in game, you will be able to get it when Legion launches
  • There will be profession questlines for each profession, starting on level 100
  • Craftable gear will be relevant with each new released raiding tear


  • There will by asymmetrical armor designs
  • They are working on improved and advanced social features for WoW, but this won’t be finished for release
  • Facebook integration will be completely optional
  • There will be a lot of Khadgar in Legion, Anduins story will be a surprise for lore fans
  • Prepatch will have several different stages