World of Warcraft, 14.02.2017

From Scratch is Going Casual For Tomb of Sargeras

Only few hours after claiming the World #4 in The Nighthold, the french top guild From Scratch announced their absence from the next raid progression race.

Few days ago Exorsus shared similar thoughts, just right after defeating Gul’Dan for World First. For hardcore players, Legion was a single grind since the expansion launched. The time until Patch 7.2 launches will be theirĀ first major break in over three months. Compare this time frame to Warlords of Draenor:

  • Time between Release of WoD until first major break after Blackhand World First: ~14 weeks
  • Time between Release of Legion until first major break now: ~22 weeks

Another Grind Awaits With Patch 7.2

Although the next raid instance The Tomb of Sargeras will not be opened alongside Legion’s next major content patch, another grind awaits: 7.2 will introduce a lot new Artifact Traits and if the numbers currently on the PTR will make it to the live servers, the required time will just be ridiculous:

Worst Case Scenario: No Progression Race

We hope that either Blizzard adds some gating or at least paces the content slow enough to let hardcore players recover and find motivation again. Worst case scenario from a spectators perspective would be only having Method and Serenity left as guilds with a daylight raiding schedule. TheĀ top guilds already skipped PTR Raid Tests last Friday mainly because of pure exhaustion. But maybe this is an additional form of protest on top of the endless feedback on the forums and social media that Blizzard will notice.

A dying competitive scene (and complaining, burnt out players with a lot of followers) is bad for every game. Hey Blizzard, you are trying to create a competitive scene for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm but one of your biggest game already has one! How about showing WoW PvE esports some love?