World of Warcraft, 07.02.2017

Second LFR Wing The Nighthold And World Boss Levantus This Week

After today’s reset, you will be able to queue up for the Royal Athenaeum wing for The Nighthold LFR.

Royal Athenaeum: The Second LFR Wing of The Nighthold

The second wing contains the fights against Spellblade Aluriel, Star Augur Etraeus and High Botanist Tel’Arn. The next wing (Nightspire) will be released Tuesday, February 21 and the final part (Betrayer’s Rise) on Tuesday, March 7.

Levantus World Boss

Big nasty fish Levantus is this week’s World Boss. You can find him just north of the Isle of Watchers in Azsuna.

Here’s what he drops: