World of Warcraft, 17.05.2017

Serenity Disbands And Quits Raiding

Only a few weeks before the next progress race, the hardcore PvE scene faces a huge loss with the disbanding of current world #2 guild Serenity.

Serenity was formed by a larger part of Method, a few weeks after the final progress in Hellfire Citadel. They almost managed to win a World First during The Nighthold but lost it to Exorsus after reducing raiding times due to roster issues.

After four of their core players (Deepshades, Lazel, Gingi and Fragnance) rejoined Method yesterday, the disbanding was almost expected.

Who will win the next Progress?

The next progress race through The Tomb of Sargeras will start in late June, only few weeks from now. With Serenity and From Scratch gone and an unclear situation surrounding ExorsusMethod for sure is the clear favorite for claiming the throne this time.