World of Warcraft, 17.05.2017

Several Core Players Leaving Serenity

Top guild Serenity faces huge roster problems only a few weeks before the next world first race: several core players have left the guild, some of them joining Method.

As Method already confirmed on their website, Deepshades, Fragnance, Lazel and Gingi will (re)join Method for the upcoming Tomb of Sargeras raid. Rumor has it that Serenity officer Pottm also quitted.

Serenity was a once in a life time opportunity, but it ended up in too many problems on our road to world first. We tried for 3 tiers and couldn’t make it work, too many core people to replace. With the loss of a few key people, I feel like the effort needed to be put in and the time to actually recover from the losses is too big. […]



This is a major setback for one of the top contenders for World First Kil’Jaeden. And given the short amount of time left before the next raid tier starts, this even could be the end for Serenity.