World of Warcraft, 11.01.2017

Shar’thos World Boss And World Quest Bonus Event This Week

Besides Patch 7.1.5 this reset brings us a new World Boss and a Bonus Event. If you’re desperately looking for Order Hall Resources – here are 5.000 of them!

Get 5.000 Order Hall Ressources From The World Quest Bonus Event

You need some Order Hall Ressources to catch up on Artifact Knowledge or your Researches? Then you might take a look at this week’s World Quest Bonus Event. Complete 20 World Quests and get 5.000 ressources in return! Be sure to visit Archmage Timear near Violet Hold to pick up the respective quest.

World Boss Shar’thos

fhiw6tkic5za1475011543952Shar’thos can be found in the center of Val’Sharah, just north of the Temple of Elune. He is a corrupted Dragon that does not need much of a strategy to be beaten. Just make sure enough people are around to poke him.

If you are lucky, he has one of the following items for you: