World of Warcraft, 27.01.2017

On Taking A Raid-ID Hostage

Drama peaked high today, as top guild Serenity was not able to enter their raid for a significant time. We’ve talked to the guy who blocked them out.


We are aware of the fact, that this is a highly controversial article. It only will show specific aspects of the story and of course our interview-partner tried to get some things clear in his favor.

Raider’s Tavern is highly interested in a fair and sporty competition and that’s why we once again want to point out, that we are not for or against a certain guild. Serenity clearly is the victim in this specific thing, but we have pointed out their massive account sharing and our sadness about that already yesterday. On the other hand, it looks like at least one officer of Method knew about the situation for several hours and did not reach out to Serenity. Jump to the last section, if you would like to know why we deeply root for a professional and fair race.

That being said, we have DO KNOW our interview-partners identity and feel comfortable enough to share.

A Recap: Serenity Not Able to Raid For Hours

Just a quick recap on what happened today: Serenity wanted to start raiding around 13:00 CEST. Once they’ve picked up their ID from the night before and wanted to enter The Nighthold, they got ported out again within 60 seconds. Broken IDs are nothing uncommon during the first weeks of a new raid but two hours later they actually found out, what was causing the problems:

A character called Isabellab was already inside the raid, literally taking their ID hostage. It took several hours until the character was removed from the instance and Serenity could start raiding again.

Leaked screenshot from method-slack.

This all caused a lot of drama on Twitter, especially as a screenshot from a Method internal slack-channel was leaked and confirmed real. It creates the impression, chrispotter (an officer of Method) knew about the whole situation for at least two hours before Serenity found out whats blocking them from raiding.

So are you Isabellab, the guy who blocked Serenity from raiding this morning? How are you related to Method and Serenity? A former member / raider?

I was never a member of Serenity or Method no. But I have a past in top-end raiding guilds like them. This is where I know a lot of the raiders from.

Some people are suspecting you to be the person behind @NH_Guldan on Twitter, some are thinking you did organize the sellruns for Serenity, is that right? Are you Jadelol?

No. Even though Jadelol did do the sellruns, he is a different person. He did not have access to the character Isabellab at any time. He simply got accused because that screenshot from slack was leaked.

The guy behind @NH_Guldan and I are different persons as well.

Update Jan, 27th; 11:00 CEST

We can now confirm without a doubt that Jadelol and the player behind Isabellab are two different persons. We do know the actual identity of the person behind Isabellab but agreed on not sharing it publicly.

How did you manage to block Serenity from raiding?

It already began yesterday. The now banned Paladin was already on Twisting Nether, just with another name. When Method had issues on Tarren Mill, we talked about ways to slow down Serenity and did a name change.

This morning the whole thing was really simple and took no effort at all. I wrote to only one guy in Serenity, before the raids began, around 9:30 CET. Asking if he was interested in some extra flasks for progress, just trying to be nice and friendly to avoid it being too random.

The person was happy to take my flasks, but what he didn’t know was I was waiting outside of Nighthold. As soon as he accepted the group invite, I made it into a raid, gave him leader and ran into the raid. I told him I forgot the flasks was on a another char, told him to wait in Dalaran so I could relog. I disbanded the group and well, I didn’t relog obviously.

At first I wasn’t sure if I could lockout just one person by being in or the whole raid, turns out it was EVERYONE. I don’t recall the time, but at some point after someone came running on a mount up next to while I was inside. After awhile they got a GM to port me to Org, he didn’t contact me or give me any kind of warning. I was just removed from the raid and placed in Org.

The account is banned for 24 hours now, but I believe it still has the ID. Even if I do not plan to do so, maybe this could be done again on the weekend.

So the big question is: Why did you do that?

I didn’t find it fair people what were doing what they did to Method/Tarren Mill yesterday. This, what happen today did even out the race, the downtime Serenity had was equal to the time lost for Method. And it turned out pretty much to be on point, Serenity was able to raid about 5 min before Method got 7/10.

So you suspect the problems Method had yesterday were caused by other players and not simply a server problem? A targeted action against Method?

It was 100% players. I can’t give you any more info about that part sadly, but the best guess is the flowers crashing the instance server. This issue yesterday was ONLY on Tarren Mill and Dentarg (Realm connected to Tarren Mill). And who was behind that, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s directly Serenity, but more the fan base of Serenity.

But Exorsus for example surely got some benefit from that as well!
I can’t really speak for the Russians in this case. I speak with Exorsus sometimes during progress, but I’ve never had the feeling they were involved in anything outside of exploiting inside of the raid, like Helya. But sure, they were the real winners in all this mess, together with Limit and somewhat From Scratch I guess.

So who was aware of the fact that the raid was blocked actively? When did they knew it?

Leaked screenshot from slack.

Well i obviously told Jadelol about it and shared that screenshot. The leaked slack screenshot is real, so in theory all of Method was aware since it was posted to them. But if they were aware of the scale? I don’t think so. But that being said, the picture come from SOMEWHERE, it has to and it was indeed another Method member. And this person didn’t share this picture until the problem was solved.

Were you aware of the fact that your actions caused damage to Method’s image and legitimacy as a top guild?
No, the only reason this hurts Method is the reason that ONE picture got out with Jadelolz name in. Which is why he is taking the trash on social media now as well.

Can we please all grow up now?

Although Isabellab told us his reasons to do such a thing, we simply do not understand. We do not understand why people break Tarren Mill on purpose or DDoS warcraftlogs either. And at least the question remains, why chrispotter did not try to reach out to Serenity once he got knowledge of the things happening.

We are so super serious about raiding but not professional. We blame Blizzard for ruining our game and lives with Legendaries, titanforged and Artifact Power. They suck for sure, yes! We argue about an unfair race even before it starts. True! But the biggest damage to our scene is caused by people that try to be Batman, try bringing justice to the race on their own behalf. And people shit-talking on stream and twitter without talking to each other.

Fandom and passion is important, but just hurts if misdirected. If we want to attract sponsors and even fresh players to the hardcore PvE scene, we do need to grow up. We do need to get as professional as we are passionate. We do have the power to create a fair and enjoyable race within this community and there are ways to monetize.

It is now time to grow up or the hardcore PvE scene will die to DDoS, Swatting and salty, toxic people that can’t enjoy the game anymore.

Update Jan, 27th; 22:50 CET: Edited some typos and two phrases that created the impression I would favor Method, trying to discredit Serenity.