World of Warcraft, 20.06.2017

Tomb of Sargeras Raid Now Available

Let’s play Tomb, Raiders! Tier 20 is finally available, here is a quick guide for everything Tomb of Sargeras!

Entrance, Size, Lore

The Tomb of Sargeras is located on the Broken Shore – nearest flight master is at Vengeance Point, the Summon Stone is shared with the Cathedral of Eternal Night.

The raid holds a total of 9 bosses with Kil’Jaeden being the final encounter (again, now with feet!). Bellular has made a great video for everyone interested in Lore:


The unlock schedule for ToS follows an established pattern:

  • Tuesday, Jun. 20 – Normal and Heroic Difficulties Open
  • Tuesday, Jun. 27 – Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1– Gates of Hell (Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjartan) Open
  • Tuesday, Jul.  11 – Raid Finder Wing 2– Wailing Halls (Mistress Sass’zine, Sisters of the Moon, Desolate Host) Opens
  • Tuesday, Jul.  25 – Raid Finder Wing 3– Chamber of the Avatar (Maiden of Vigilance, Avatar of Sargeras) Opens
  • Tuesday, Aug.  8 – Raid Finder Wing 4—Deceiver’s Fall (Kil’Jaeden) Opens

Boss-Order and Guides

First Encounter of ToS: Goroth

Freedom of Choice

You will have some choice in which order you progress through the raid instance (apart from LFR, of course):

  • Goroth has to be done first, always
  • The raid then splits into three wings you can play in any desired order:
    • Sisters of the Moon and Desolate Host
    • Harjatan and Mistress Sass’zine
    • Demonic Inquisition
  • After those 6 fights, your path becomes linear again with Maiden of Vigilance, Fallen Avatar and Kil’Jaeden as final encounter

Possible Order

Based on the PTR tests and the complexity of fights guilds will most likely progress in the following order:

  1. Goroth
  2. Demonic Inquisition
  3. Harjatan the Bludger
  4. Mistress Sassz’ine
  5. Sisters of the Moon
  6. The Desolate Host
  7. Maiden of Vigilance
  8. Fallen Avatar
  9. Kil’jaeden

Boss guides and useful links

There are a lot of guides and previews out there already, here is a collection of our favorite resources:

Item-Level Scaling

Now has feet and +10 ilvl loot: Kil’Jaeden 2.0

Tomb of Sargeras brings lots of new gear into the game and will raise the item level cap up to 950 titanforged and even 970 for Legendaries. The Bonus Roll currency stays the same!

The first eight bosses all drop the same item level:

  • LFR: 885
  • Normal: 900
  • Heroic: 915
  • Mythic: 930

Kil’jaeden drops +10 baseline:

  • LFR: 895
  • Normal: 910
  • Heroic: 925
  • Mythic: 940

Upgrade your Legendaries to item level 970

Of course, you can upgrade your existing Legendaries to the new item level cap.

Weak Auras

Last but not least: there is a growing collection of Weak Auras for ToS over at

Happy raiding!