World of Warcraft, 31.05.2017

Tomb of Sargeras Unlocks June 20

Legion’s next raid tier is coming soon! The Tomb of Sargeras unlocks June 20 (NA) – just three weeks from now.

Kill Gul’Dan (and Helya) Now!

Please be aware, that:

  • the Ahead of the Curve achievements for killing Helya and Gul’Dan will be removed, once ToS is released
  • Patch 7.2.5 most likely will be released a week earlier, on June 13. It will contain a lot of balancing changes and might shake up some damage meters
  • The next mythic progression race for a World First will start on June 27!

Unlock Schedule Tomb of Sargeras

  • Tuesday, Jun. 20 – Normal and Heroic Difficulties Open
  • Tuesday, Jun. 27 – Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1– Gates of Hell (Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjartan) Open
  • Tuesday, Jul.  11 – Raid Finder Wing 2– Wailing Halls (Mistress Sass’zine, Sisters of the Moon, Desolate Host) Opens
  • Tuesday, Jul.  25 – Raid Finder Wing 3– Chamber of the Avatar (Maiden of Vigilance, Avatar of Sargeras) Opens
  • Tuesday, Aug.  8 – Raid Finder Wing 4—Deceiver’s Fall (Kil’Jaeden) Opens