World of Warcraft, 20.06.2017

Tomb of Sargeras Progress Coverage

UPDATE: Method World First Kil’Jaeden! // Kil’Jaeden is back again (improved version with feet)! Tier 20 raid progression has started, here is our race coverage!

10:40 CEST / August 5
Few hours ago Limit managed to defeat Kil’Jaeden for US 1st, World #11 and we are slowly closing up our coverage on this tier. If you want to relive the greatest moments and drama of this tier, we recommend the following ressources:


08:40 CEST / July 25
In the meantime Method has released their World First video and an interview as well.

08:00 CEST / July 24
Almost exactly seven days after Method’s World First, Exorsus claims the second kill. Congratulations, well played! Bonus: awesome nerdscreams:

09:00 CEST / July 16
Method World First Kil’Jaeden!

09:00 CEST / July 13
Finally some action! The hotfixes and the new gear, the reset brought this week made Fallen Avatar much more killable: ScrubBusters World #5 and Memento World #6!

22:00 CEST / July 12
Method has released their World First Mythic Avatar Video:

14:00 CEST / July 12
Style War claims world 4th Fallen Avatar Mythic after (insane!) 839 pulls. Thank you @andyice_77 for keeping an eye on the asian scene!

13:20 CEST / July 12
Welcome to day 15 of mythic progression! Kil’Jaeden is still alive and the two top contenders Method and Exorsus are reclearing right now. It will be interesting to see how fast they manage to pull Kil’Jaeden again – maybe the additional amount of gear grants the kill this time.

The remaining US top guild Easy spent the first evening doing four heroic splits.

09:20 CEST / July 11
Alpha is back at raiding and they are streaming their Kil’Jaeden progress here:

09:20 CEST / July 11
Sadly Kil’Jaeden Mythic seems to be not that got tuned and free of bugs as it was the case with Gul’Dan. Method’s Guildmaster Sco however has some hope that the recent changes will make the boss playable at least:

07:20 CEST / July 11
After 842 tries we do have a World 3rd Fallen Avatar Mythic: Congratulations to Chinese Guild Alpha! As you might have heard already, they are streaming their whole progress over on twitch – including the final fight against Kil’Jaeden!

22:20 CEST / July 10
0,1% Fallen Avatar Wipe… no more words needed.

9:20 CEST / July 9
You thought, there was not enough drama this tier? Well… Limit has got you covered:

Will be interesting to see if other top guilds will receive bans as well. Account play is widely spread among the very top guilds and clearly against ToS.

8:20 CEST / July 8
And finally a World 2nd Fallen Avatar kill by… Method! Shortly followed by a World 3rd from Exorsus – now let the final showdown begin!

19:20 CEST / July 7
It is day 10 of mythic progression and there is still no second Fallen Avatar kill – even Method did not manage to defeat it again. This may have several reasons: rumor has it that the encounter has been changed by Blizzard in a way that makes Method’s strategy no longer viable. On the other hand, the first kill might have been achieved by using Vantus Runes and the guilds did not pop them this early into the reset.

This will be an exciting weekend for sure!

19:20 CEST / July 5

19:30 CEST / July 4
Incredible performance by Method, as they defeat the Fallen Avatar Mythic World First! Will Exorsus be able to kill it before tonight’s reset? How hard is Kil’Jaeden? We soon will find out!

16:00 CEST / July 4
Only a few hours left until the reset in the US and fresh gear foor the first bunch of top guilds. And it looks like this is needed desperately to defeat the Fallen Avatar: Exorsus decided to do a second mythic raid yesterday.


23:10 CEST / July 3
The first week of mythic progression is almost over and we do have a total pack of 20 guilds stuck at 7/9. Although we do not know how close (or far) the top guild are to a kill, Fallen Avatar just seems to be tuned really tight.

16:10 CEST / July 1
A lot of Maiden kills this weekend! We do currently have 11 guilds on 7/9. Both Method and Exorsus have done their heroic split raids after some pulls on Fallen Avatar. This encounter seems to be a hard tuned DPS check and raises hopes that we will see a second week of progression!

16:10 CEST / June 30
Limit snacks Maiden World 3rd and are now tied with Method and Exorsus on the top. The top pack is followed by Easy on 6/9 and a large group of 20 guilds on 5/9.

16:10 CEST / June 29
Exorsus breaks the silence and kills Maiden World 2nd. They are 5 hours behind Method right now and only two bosses to go!

10:50 CEST / June 29
Method again! Maiden of Virgilance World First – now on 7/9!

08:15 CEST / June 29
So let’s have a look at the current standings:

  • Method, Exorsus and Limit are at 6/9
  • They are followed by four guilds on 5/9 …
  • … and 6 more guilds on 4/9
  • the first three bosses however are not a big deal: 140 kills so far, after two nights of progression

20:10 CEST / June 28
Method in the lead again: Mistress Sassz’ine world first, 6/9M!

13:37 CEST / June 28
And Method pulls ahead, defeating the Desolate Host, 5/9M!

12:30 CEST / June 28
Just as expected, Exorsus and Method are pulling ahead in Europe: both have defeated the Sisters of the Moon with the russians beeing slightly faster.

10:30 CEST / June 28
Europe is awake and raiding! Already nine recorded Goroth kills and that means that at least nine guilds are raiding daytime on the first day of mythic progression!

Exorsus, Nova, Method and Pieces are on 3/9 already, now progressing on Sisters of the Moon.

EU progression as seen on

09:40 CEST / June 28
Exorsus, Nova and Method have entered the mythic race! Exorsus already passed the first three bosses within 23 minutes.

08:40 CEST / June 28
Good morning Europe! Big Dumb Guild has managed to defeat the desolate host, jumping on to 5/9m on their first day of progression. They are followed by LIMIT on 4/9 and by 21 more guilds on 3/9.

Let’s see how fast the european contenders can catch up!

23:20 CEST / June 27
The probably best US contender LIMIT has started mythic progression as well – after two full heroic splits. They have killed Goroth and Demonic Inquisition so far, with only 11 minutes between each kill.

22:40 CEST / June 27
Big Dumb Guild takes the lead, defeating Sisters of the Moon. Cool thing is: they are streaming their complete progress so far over at

18:20 CEST / June 27
And they are tied: Both guilds are now on 3/9. Next encounter most likely will be Sisters of the Moon.

17:40 CEST / June 27
Just as expected, the first bosses seem to be no big deal for serious guilds: Easy and Big Dumb Guild both on 2/9 – but on different routes: Easy has defeated the Demonic Inquisition, Big Dumb has killed Harjatan.

17:00 CEST / June 27
And there it is! World First Mythic Goroth by Easy. Pretty, isn’t it?

12:25 CEST / June 27
Today is the big day! Mythic Tomb of Sargeras will unlock in less than five hours on NA servers and the real race kicks off. Let’s have a quick look at the main contenders:

  • The reigning champions Exorsus are prepared: They did a total of 9 (!!) heroic Kil’Jaeden runs this week
  • Method has been joined by some core players of Serenity and they have done 8 heroic runs so far, but EU still has another evening before reset
  • The best US guild Limit has done 7 split raids and might aim for World #3 this time

What do you think, who will win the race this time?

11:15 CEST / June 22
Nurfed has released their World First Kil’Jaeden Heroic video over at twitch.

9:15 CEST / June 21
Nurfed did it and cleared heroic Tomb of Sargeras in a little less than four hours. Although we already expected heroic to be cleared quite fast, this is almost too fast. World first Gul’Dan took slightly longer.

In the meantime the EU servers are back up running – happy raiding!

23:15 CEST / June 20
And of course, there is a sick cinematic again at the end of the fight against Kil’Jaeden

20:15 CEST / June 20
First Blood! And several times already! Although the progress-tracking sites are having a hard time to update the ranks, we at least know from that guilds have already cleared normal Tomb of Sargeras and advanced on to 4/9 heroic:

16:10 CEST / June 20th
Talking about new faces: for sure you will read some lesser famous guild names during the heroic week. And one will surely be missed: Serenity stopped raiding a few weeks ago. Some of their core players are now playing in Method and others (including streamers Slootbag and Naguura) have formed the new guild called Future. They are not aiming at world first though – but a new US hardcore guild called Invective does!

At least their mission statement sounds like they should be counted in:

We plan to eventually give all other guilds a run for their money and clear content on a world first basis. We will require members to be able to take up to TWO ENTIRE weeks of work off per tier (not that the current mythic content would require you to do so, but we do expect you to be able to afford to day raid two weeks).

15:40 CEST / June 20th
There are a lot of new faces around the scene and one of them is a new website for progression-tracking: They are doing the little things a bit better than the established sites do. For example showing the average Artifact level on a kill. Let’s see how fast and accurate their data is! visualizing Exorsus’ World First on Gul’Dan

14:00 CEST / June 20th
So here we go! Tier 20 of World of Warcraft raiding starts today on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Tomb of Sargeras holds a total of 9 encounters with Kil’Jaeden being the final foe again. The servers will be up around 17:00 CEST for NA and tomorrow morning for EU. It took a little less than 24 hours to clear heroic Nighthold, let’s wait and see how fast the first kills pour in.

We will cover the EU and NA race as usual and try to get some details from Asia as well.