World of Warcraft, 19.06.2016

Travelling in Legion: No Flying But a Lot of Portals

You won’t be able to fly on the Broken Isles when Legion comes out, but the developers have implemented a lot of items and mechanics to make travelling fast and convenient. Let’s have a look!

Warlords of Draenor brought us an additional Hearthstone to port back into our own Garrisons which definately made travelling between larger cities a bit easier. However, flying on Draenor was disabled for a long period of time and the opinions on that were… at least diverse.

With Legion, the developers will take a similar approach on travelling across the Broken Isle but they will try to minimize the downsides at the same time.

No Flying on the Broken Isles (in 7.0)

You will not be able to fly on the Broken Isle when the Burning Legion finally invades. The big difference to WoD however is the fact, that we can immediately start progressing on the required meta-achievement to unlock flying in a future patch. While it’s still unclear, when flying will be unlocked, the first part of the required achievement is already in the beta and rewards with increased mount speed in Broken Isles zone:

Now this sounds like a ton of things to work on. However completing the class order hall storyline will reward you with an additional relic slot for your artifact and world quests are supposed to be the major source of Artifact Power. Looks like at least the first three steps won’t be much of an extra effort.

Flight Master’s Whistle: Your UBER for Broken Isles

As soon as World Quests get unlocked for your character (Legion World Quests, happens without extra effort during questing), you will receive Flight Master’s Whistle.

Using it, teleports you to the nearest flight master in Broken Isles. With only five minutes cooldown, this item probably is worth a keybind :).

The Portrait Room, New Dalaran

The Portrait Room, New Dalaran

A Third Hearthstone: Dalaran Hearthstone

We might need bigger bags with Legion: alongside your oldschool Hearthstone and your Garrison Hearthstone, you will receive a Dalaran Hearthstone while completing the introductory quest to the Broken Isle: Needs of the Many (H) / Needs of the Many (A).

Portals in Dalaran

New Dalaran of course will have a lot of portals. Your faction specific area provides portals to all capital cities, just as it was during WotLK. In the center of the city, there is a new tower which holds The Portrait Room. This room holds portals to some other important locations across Azeroth: Caverns of Time, Shattrath, Karazhan, Wyrmrest Temple and the old Dalaran crater.

Your new Class Order Hall is connected with a portal to Dalaran (and vice versa). The locations of the portals are currently:

Comes in handy: the new Ring of the Kirin Tor

Legion brings back another Dalaran and therefor a new version of the famous Ring of the Kirin Tor. The new rings can be bought for 250.000 gold and offer a port to Dalaran every 30 minutes: Empowered Ring of the Kirin Tor.