World of Warcraft, 08.11.2016

Trial of Valor Raid Overview: Loot Itemlevel, Bosses and Entrance

The second raid dungeon for World of Warcraft: Legion opens it’s doors today. The Trial of Valor is a rather short one but still with sweet loot for sure!

Trial of Valor Entrance

We are happy to provide the single most important map for today! The entrance to the Trial of Valor raid can be found in Stormheim. Nearest flight-point is Valdisdall, the instance-portal is in the same room as the entrance for the Hall of Valor 5 man dungeon.



The loot from Trial of Valor bosses is +5 itemlevel above the Emerald Nightmare items.

  • LFR: 840 (opens November 15th)
  • Normal: 855
  • Heroic: 870
  • Mythic: 885 (opens November 15th)

Of course the items can scale up to 895 warforged.

Encounters and Loottables

You only will face three encounters inside the Trial of Valor raid:

Boss Previews by FatbossTV