World of Warcraft, 14.02.2017

Withered J’im And Cataclysm Timewalking This Week

Another week, another opportunity to get a piece of heroic gear from The Nighthold without raiding.

Just a quick note before we dive into the weekly events: the next LFR wing for The Nighthold will open next week.

Cataclysm Timewalking Event

Another Timewalking Event is active, and this time you can relive the Cataclysm Dungeons. Be sure to pick up the respective quest from Archmage Timear or your Adventure Guide before you start. Completing 5 Dungeons rewards you with some Artifact Power and a Cache of Nightborne Treasures which contains an item from The Nighthold Heroic.

World Boss Withered J’im

This weeks World Boss is Withered J’im once again. You can find him on the Isle of Watchers, here is the loot table: