World of Warcraft, 21.12.2016

World Boss Calamir is up, Pets and Mounts on Sale This Week

A happy reset day everyone! This week brings up the big Elemental Calamir and the Pet Battle Bonus Event. If you are looking for a last minute gift, you might check out the Pet and Mount Sale on the in-game store this week.

You also might check out the Trial of Valor raid again, as it received some serious nerfs with this week’s reset.

World Boss Calamir

s5gd8o1q3wx71475011542950This week the World Boss rotation worked as intended and brought up Calamir! The fight as usual is quite simple: dont not stand in things and DPS. Loot. The big elemental can be found in the south of Aszuna, he drops:


Pets & Mounts on Sale

Blizzard has put a lot of Mounts and Pets on sale on the in-game store. You can save 50% when you gift one to another player. Check out the complete list of available dealsĀ here.

Pet Battle Bonus Event

If you got a new pet from the sale, the weekly Pet Battle Bonus Event gives you the opportunity to level it fast. Check out Blizzard’s post here.