World Boss Flotsam And Diablo 20th Anniversary Event

This week brings World Boss Flotsam and the Diablo 20th Anniversary Event to Azeroth!

Diablo 20th Anniversary Event

The first Diablo game was released over 20 years ago, on December 31st 1996 and now it’s the time to celebrate! The Anniversary Event will bring Treasure Goblins to the Broken Isles. Killing them will spawn a portal, that allows you to enter The Secret Cow Level. What lies beneath is… secret.

Check out the event guide on for the full details here.
Blizzard celebrates the anniversary across all of their games, check out a quick overview on the diablo website.

World Boss Flotsam

Flotsam makes another visit and is waiting to be looted in the very north of Highmountain. He does not spawn a Cow Level portal, but drops some fancy loot anyways: