Raider's Tavern, 22.11.2016

World Boss The Soultakers, World Quest Bonus Event and Pilgrims Bounty this Week

Another busy week awaits! We do have a new World Boss up, get some extra bonus on World Quests and it is Turkey-Time again!

World Boss of the Week: The Soultakers

mxq8ufn0vju31475011544351This week’s World Boss comes in a pack of three! The Soultakers are located in the Tomb of the Old Kings in the very north of Stormheim – nearest flightpoint is Shield’s Rest.

Once beaten down, the three Vrykul drop:

Besides sweet items, they do drop the Runes of the Darkening, the hidden Artifact Appearance for Frost DKs.

World Quest Bonus Event

If you are running short on Order Hall Ressources, go visit Archmage Timear before starting your World Quest routine this week. He will give you the quest The World Awaits, which rewards 5.000 Ressources once you have completed 20 World Quests. On top of that, you get an extra +50% bonus on reputation gained from World Quests.

Pilgrim’s Bounty

If you do have some spare time left you may consider doing some of the Pilgrim’s Bounty stuff. The event is live until November 28, check out the wowhead guide for all the details: Pilgrim’s Bounty Holiday.